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Dental Injury Management Guidelines

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, it can sometimes be put back. If a baby tooth is knocked out, it should not be put back. It is difficult to distinguish between a baby and permanent tooth. Therefore, to make it simple and easy to remember, deal with dental injuries in the following ways and let a dentist treat them. In case of a dental injury you should:

Keep calm and handle the injury carefully.

If there is bleeding, bite on a cotton roll or gauze to stop it.

Follow the situations below.

Contact a dentist immediately.

Knocked out Tooth

  • Look for the tooth and hold the crown only; do not touch the root.
  • Rinse the permanent tooth in tap water for 10 seconds and put it back in the socket.
  • If the child won’t allow you to put it back in the socket, put the tooth in a cup with saliva or cold milk.
  • Go to the dentist immediately. The prognosis for the tooth depends on how quickly you see a dentist.

Fractured Tooth

  • Look for the fractured piece. Hold the crown, do not touch the root.
  • Place the piece in a cup with the patient’s saliva or cold milk.
  • Take the piece and see a dentist immediately.

Mobile / Displaced Tooth

  • Ask the patient to close their mouth and bring their teeth together slowly and carefully.
  • If the displacement is minor, the tooth will go back to the normal position.
  • If the patient cannot bite down or the tooth does not return to the normal position, stop trying – see a dentist immediately.

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