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Many modern parents struggle with the decision of where and when to take their child(ren) to the dentist, often-times due to their own personal dental fears or knowing they only want the very best care for their little one.  

The owners, who have been treating children for a combined 150 years, thought long and hard about the idea of a combined children’s dentistry model before they knew it really needed to happen for the Richmond Community.  Modern parents have many important decisions to make for their families, and finding the very best dentist and orthodontist for their child(ren) is on that list.  

As dentists, we witness the struggle modern parents face surrounding dental and orthodontic care for their children.  “Which dentist should I take my child to?” “When should I start taking my child to the dentist?”  “When should I start thinking about braces?”  “What if me, my spouse, or my friend want braces too?” “Will the dental office locations and office hours fit with my day-to-day schedule?” RPDO hopes to take the guesswork out of all of these questions.

RPDO’s mission is to “provide our community with life-defining, quality oral care in a caring environment.”  The two practices have been serving the dental needs of hundreds of thousands of children in the Richmond community for over 100 years.

RPDO’s goals are rooted in connecting with others and helping all members of the community receive the dental care they deserve.  Our pediatric dentists and orthodontists enjoy empowering their patients, from infancy to teenage/adult years and encouraging them to learn and grow in confidence, which supports long term, healthy behaviors.  We view it as our responsibility to maintain an ongoing conversation about dental health with our community so that they have a lasting impression on how to care for themselves.

After your baby’s first birthday, our pediatric dentists will help your family navigate the world of going to the dentist for the first time.  We will then teach your child(ren) that going to the dentist does not need to be a fear-filled, nerve-racking experience, but instead a learning, joy-filled, and rewarding visit.  By the time your child(ren) are ready for braces, our dentists will have already been in conversation with you, which will make the transition smooth, patient-focused, and minimize the time your child will spend in braces.  Our orthodontists spend much of their time treating adults as well as children, making it even more convenient for families.  We recognize your family time is valuable and we hope to make your decision of where to take your child an easy, stress-free, and exceptional experience.

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