What can my child eat after dental surgery?

Taking care of your child after dental surgery is no easy task. The hardest part is deciding what to give your child to eat or drink since they are now starving and need some much-needed nourishment. Choosing the right foods is important in helping their healing process go smoothly. Here are our Top 5 Foods to eat after you get home from dental surgery.

  1. Start with something good to drink. Apple juice is a good start. This is an okay time to splurge on the sugar – especially since they haven’t eaten since the night before.
  2. Popsicles aren’t just for hot summer days. Plain fruity popsicles (or flavor-ice popsicles) are perfect for many reasons. They will help your child to not bite on their cheeks/tongue/lips where the dentist numbed. The popsicles also serve as a temporary “ice pack” to the area to help your child feel less discomfort post-surgery.
  3. Move onto soft foods like applesauce or plain yogurt. Once your child has handled the juice and popsicle well, it’s an okay time to move onto something more substantive but not hard or crunchy. Apple sauce and smooth yogurt (with nothing crunchy added), are good options.
  4. Milkshake or Ice Cream. Another good way to reward your child for a job well done. You might need one too – after all, you probably didn’t have breakfast either! Make sure there is nothing hard/crunchy added to the ice cream.
  5. Stick to the soft carbs. Once dinnertime rolls around, you can make some pasta, rice, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes. Again, soft and bland foods are best for a speedy recovery.

By the next day or so, your child should be working their way back to a normal diet. Everyone heals at a different pace but if you have any questions regarding the recovery of your child after their dental surgery, always contact your dentist office. Congratulations! You and your child worked hard today and deserve some much-needed rest.