Vaping is bad for your teeth and so much more!!

E-cigarettes have been available in the United States for the last decade but a spike in vaping among teens and young adults has happened in more recent years. This is due to targeted marketing and a belief that e-cigarettes are a “safe alternative” to tobacco cigarettes.    Unfortunately, we know the use of e-cigarettes, also called vaping, has serious side-effects that affect your teeth and oral health.

What we know about Vaping!

  1. INCREASES RISK FOR TOOTH DECAY! Vaping increases the amount of bacteria and creates a stickier plaque, making your teeth more at risk for cavities. This is even worse when sweet flavoring is added to the vapor! 
  2. INCREASES MOUTH-DRYNESS.  Vaping decreases the effectiveness of saliva which typically protects teeth and gums.  Long-term mouth dryness can cause bad breath, mouth sores and further tooth decay.  
  3. INCREASES INFLAMMATION.  Nicotine has been associated with periodontal disease because if increases inflammation in the gums which destroys gum tissue and bone. 

Even worse is what we don’t know about vaping!  In recent months, thousands of people have been hospitalized with severe lung illnesses and unfortunately some have even died.  It seems we are just starting to understand the dangers of vaping for our overall health. We encourage you to talk to your teens and young adults about the dangers of nicotine and e-cigarettes. 

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