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How Your Baby May Benefit from a Tongue and/or Lip Tie Release

Dr. Liz

Your mom instincts are usually right!  

Breastfeeding should not be painful.  While breastfeeding, does your baby leak milk from the mouth/nose, make clicking or smacking noises,  have severe reflux/gas/colic symptoms, or have slow weight gain?  Have you been told to switch or supplement with a bottle or formula?  If so, it’s time to have your baby evaluated for a possible tongue and/or lip tie.

In order for your baby to be properly evaluated for a tongue/lip tie, make sure to choose a provider who is well-versed in diagnosing tongue and lip ties.  This provider should know how to position the child in order to appropriately visualize under the lip and tongue.  

If your baby is diagnosed with a tongue and/or lip tie, they may benefit from laser surgery to release this restrictive tissue, which is called a frenectomy.  

A laser frenectomy is different from a “Snip” or “Clip” with scissors.  With a CO2 Laser, at RPDO, we will remove the full tongue and/or lip restriction gently, with minimal (and often no) bleeding.  Our goal is to give you and your baby the best chance of symptom improvement.

While a tongue and/or lip tie is not life-threatening, it can cause future difficulties with speech, feeding, and sleep.  While a child can survive with these symptoms, they sometimes can struggle to thrive at school or in social settings.  For a list of common symptoms click HERE!

If you are suspecting a tongue/lip tie in your baby,  call 804-741-2226 and ask for a consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Miller.  We look forward to meeting you and your baby.  

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