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How To Brush Your Toddler’s Teeth


We know that brushing your little one’s teeth can be quite a challenge. Yet it is important to keep those baby teeth healthy! Long-term dental health is built on a foundation of good hygiene habits instilled at an early age. Consistent, daily hygiene not only makes for healthy teeth and gums but an attractive smile too! We have broken down our toddler-tooth brushing process for you into six steps.

toddler brushing teeth

Get Ready

Have your toddler’s toothbrush ready with a pea-sized amount of American Dental Association-approved toothpaste.


The easiest way to brush a toddler’s teeth is with both parents seated, facing each other knee-to-knee. With your toddler reclining on your lap, one parent brushes her teeth while the other parent gently holds her hands.

This can also be accomplished alone by laying your child on her back in your lap and wrapping your legs around your child’s legs while cradling her head in your arms.


Distract your child while letting her play with a small toy, such as a ball or a plastic car. Even dentists have a hard time brushing a toddler’s teeth. But you still need to do it, SO DON’T GIVE UP!

Brush the Top

Brush your child’s top teeth in small circular motions around the gum area and on both the outside surface as well as the inside surface.

Brush the Bottom

Now, brush her bottom teeth. The same circular motions are necessary to remove debris from sticky places close to the gum line. 

  • To hold your toddler’s lips away from her teeth, make a hook shape with your finger.
  • Never put your fingers between your child’s teeth (ouch).

Let Your Child Brush

Once you have brushed her upper and lower teeth, let your toddler try for herself!

The ages between one and three are prime toddler time for exploration, learning and acquiring a sense of independence. With patience and persistence, you can teach your child a valuable life skill: excellent oral hygiene habits.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or use our easy online scheduling system to bring your toddler in for her twice-yearly exams. Our goal is always to make sure you and your child look forward to your visits to our offices in

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