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Children’s Sleep Habits During A Pandemic


Many factors affect a child’s ability to get a good night’s rest. With all of the changes to everyday life due to COVID-19, to enhanced screen time from virtual learning, some adjustments may need to be made with the start of a new school year to ensure your child is getting the rest they need.

A good night’s rest is not only crucial for your child’s psychological health, but their physical and oral health as well! Adequate sleep contributes to increased disease resistance, decreased anxiety, and an overall happier, healthier child.

One doctor suggests to improve your child’s sleep habits by moving up their wake time in small increments for a week or so, followed by moving up their bedtime so they will naturally fall asleep earlier in the evening. Other recommendations include cutting out all naps (for age appropriate children) and reducing screen time right before bed. Click on the photo below to further read about the impact on children’s sleep habits during a pandemic.

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