Sedation Pre-Op Instructions

The goal of sedation is a controlled minimally depressed level of awareness used to facilitate the provision of quality care and promote patient welfare and safety

It is important for your child’s safety that you follow these instructions carefully.

Be sure to review the post-op instructions for dental sedation or print these instructions (PDF).

Change in Health

Any change in your child’s health, especially the development of a cold or fever, within seven (7) days prior to the day of treatment, is very important. Inform the office prior to the appointment day.


DO NOT give your child any other medications, before or after treatment, without checking with the Doctors or staff. Report all medications that your child is taking or a change in those medications, to the Doctors immediately.


Early to bed for a well rested child is helpful.

Eating and Drinking

To avoid vomiting and serious complications during treatment with sedation DO NOT allow your child any food or drink (even water) after midnight the night before.


Dress your child in loose, light clothing so that monitoring vital signs and administering medications is easier. No nylon warm-up suits, and please do not dress girls in tights.


The parent or guardian must accompany the patient to the office and must remain until the treatment is completed. Plan to arrive early for your child’s appointment.

During the Sedation Appointment

Your child will be given a combination of liquid medicines (or an injection if you or the Doctors feel the child will not take the liquid medicines well) which will make the child groggy and disoriented. After a specified amount of time, your child will be brought back to the treatment area without you. This is so that we can give your child our complete attention, minimize disruptive behavior, and help limit use of more potent sedative agents which may have more serious side effects. A Papoose Board® will be used to help keep your child safe and still. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and local anesthetic will be used to help make sure the child is as comfortable as possible. Your child may or may not go to sleep – this is “conscious sedation.” We will carefully monitor vital signs thoughout the procedure.

As soon as the procedures are completed the child will be returned to your care and the appropriate instructions will reviewed for the child’s discharge. Review our post-operative instructions for dental sedation.

Please note: if your need to cancel or change an appointment for any reason 48 hours notice is required, excluding weekends and holidays!

Be sure to review the post-op instructions for dental sedation or print these instructions (PDF).