Sedation Post-Op Instructions

Be sure to review the pre-op instructions for dental sedation before your appointment or print these instructions (PDF).

Getting Home

The child should be carefully secured in a car seat or by a seat belt during transportation and closely watched for signs of breathing difficulty.


DO NOT plan or permit activities for your child after the treatment, especially outdoors. Allow your child to rest. Closely supervise any activity for the remainder of the day.

Drinking or Eating after Treatment

Ice cream or a milk shake will help settle your child’s stomach. Children’s Tylenol® or Advil® should be given before the numbness wears off. Soft food (not too hot) may be taken when the child appears alert and the signs of numbness are gone. Otherwise, there is a risk of choking on the food or biting the lip or tongue.

Temperature Elevation

Your child’s temperature may be elevated to 101 F/38 C for the first 24 hours after treatment. Tylenol every 3-4 hours and fluids will help alleviate this condition.
Temperature above 101 F/38 C is cause to notify one of the Doctors at ONCE!

Seek Advice

  1. If vomiting persists beyond four (4) hours.
  2. If the child’s temperature remains elevated beyond 24 hours or goes above 101 F/38 C.
  3. If there is any difficulty breathing.
  4. If bleeding from tooth extractions persist after four (4) hours. Loss of blood from extractions is normal and there might be some blood on the child’s pillow in the morning.
  5. If any other matter causes you concern.

Print These Instructions (PDF)