Startling Statistics About Kids’ Teeth

DID YOU KNOW that dental disease (cavities and gum disease) is the most common
childhood disease – FIVE times more common than asthma?

If that’s not surprising enough, here are some more startling statistics:

  • 47.4% of 3rd graders in Virginia have or had a (untreated or treated) cavity experience.
  • Students miss as many as 51 million hours of school each year because of dental problems.
  • Adults miss 164 million hours of work each year because of dental problems.

Excellent oral health is considered a very important aspect of maintaining good overall
health. Dental disease (cavities and gum disease), is the most common chronic disease of
Virginia’s children, despite it being entirely preventable.

Are you wondering how to prevent cavities and gum problems for your child?

Read these tips for healthier teeth!